HowTo: Fix a resetting Dreamcast

How to actually take apart your console...

[Part 1: Before we begin] [Part 2: Disassembly] [Part 3: Screws!] [Part 4: Power supply woes]

DISCLAIMER: I, nor anyone here at Consoleia, take any responsibility for any damage done to your console, through this proceedure or any other. Should anything happen, it is entirely your own fault. Proceed with caution. If you have any doubts as to whether you can perform this operation, seek a professional to repair it themselves.

Disassembly: The art of breaking open your box

Presented below is your everyday common-or-garden Dreamcast. Yours may look slightly different - if it's not a European model, for example, the logo on the lid will be orange, rather than blue.

Figure 1: Mr. Dreamcast

First of all, remove any discs that are in the drive. You don't want to damage your games when the time comes to open the console, and it's generally a good idea, so pop open the lid and remove anything inside. Then, flip over your Dreamcast. Remove the modem or broadband adaptor from its socket by sliding it out - it conceals one of the necessary screws. You should see the picture below:

Figure 2: Remove anything from the drive
Figure 3: And then, remove the modem. Screw removal time.

So, now you've removed the disc and modem, we can move onto the business of screw removal. Click here to continue...