HowTo: Fix a resetting Dreamcast

How to take apart the DC, continued

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DISCLAIMER: I, nor anyone here at Consoleia, take any responsibility for any damage done to your console, through this proceedure or any other. Should anything happen, it is entirely your own fault. Proceed with caution. If you have any doubts as to whether you can perform this operation, seek a professional to repair it themselves.

Screws: Useful but really, really tiny

Figure 4: Circled above are the locations of the screws to be removed


You're going to have to remove some screws here - four of them, in fact. One of them is located underneath the modem, and the other three can be found in the corners of the console, as shown in the picture above. Remove them and put them somewhere safe - they're small, and unless you fancy a trip to your local DIY shop, difficult to replace.

Now you should turn your console back over - but remember, be careful when doing this. There's nothing holding the two parts of the outer shell together, and we'd rather not drop the top onto anything potentially damaging. Carefully lift the top-half of the case off, to expose the guts within.

Figure 5: Exposing the guts within

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