The Nintendo Entertainment System - A Review

Or: What Weez says about the Super Fantastic NES


The NES is a super cool games machine. That's the main thing to say about it, it's great.

It ressurected the videogame market. And it looks like a video player.

It's got great retro style about it, and it's lasted years. People all over the world still play these boxes of pure delight. OK, the colour scheme lacks a little something, and perhaps graphics have advanced since these were made, but gameplay has definitely got a little complicated in places - and there's no substituting many drab colours and teeny tiny pixels for big chunks of hot pink and vomit green.

My system was a hand-me-down from my cousin to my brother to me, and has lasted to this day, although my cousin is around 22 and I am 17 myself. The console arrived with Super Mario Bros., possibly the best game ever (I concur - Oberon), and Duck Hunt, possibly the game I was best at. Ever. Despite the ancient nature of the system, I was still able to purchase Double Dragon, The Simpsons and Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in my empty home town, surely a testament to the greatness of the NES.

The controllers are easy to use, what with me being a Game Boy fanatic. Having just the A, B, Start, Select and Direction controller buttons, so nice and simple, although the lines are a little harsh if you leave the thing on the floor and lean on it. (The optional controllers weren't half bad either - NES Advantage, anyone? - Oberon again) The gun though, ah, the gun... my favourite controller. For shooting those ducks, this was a great invention. Give a child a gun and they're happy, which I suppose is a reflection on society, but hey, it shuts them up.

Basically all I can say is how superb the NES is, never having been surpassed in the field of electronic entertainment since the very day of its manufacture.