Q: Who are you?
A: This site is run by two people at the moment (although any extra help's always useful): myself, going by the alias Oberon, and my good friend and fellow article writer Not Jo-Jo Fine.

Q: Isn't that a blatant Deus Ex reference?
A: Yes. Yes it is.

Q: Right. So who does what, then?
A: I do all the web-based stuff, including making the webpages, uploading them, and shouting when they don't work. I also make all the images you see around the site. Mr. Fine does most of the articles here, helping keep the site fresh with wholesome gaming goodness.

Q: What do you use to make the site?
A: To actually make the pages themselves, Macromedia Dreamweaver is used. The graphics are thrown together in Adobe Photoshop, while the articles are written in Microsoft Word before being placed onto the pages via Dreamweaver. To upload all of this, WS_FTP is used. Finally, PG Tips teabags keep us going through the long nights authoring HTML.

Q: Why not coffee?
A: Because.

Q: Why isn't there any Flash, Javascript, or other special content?
A: Because there's no point! Flash, for example, may look nice, but it can take an age to load and can be really quite useless. A simple JPEG image will load on virtually any modern-day computer (Yes, we are making an entirely text-based version for you Lynx users, though) and is much better for those users on dialup.

Q: Why not just computers in general?
A: Because it would be far too much effort! There are so many variations of computer, so many upgrades, so much confusion... now, don't get me wrong, I love tinkering about with my PC and know a fair whack about how it all works. I am not, however, quite so skilled when it comes to writing about it. Consoles are my other love, and they make a far better story.

Q: You're wrong! The <insert console here> was far superior to/was released before/was actually the same as <insert console here>!
A: That isn't a question. And if you have something along those lines, email it to us with the more accurate information. We want this site to be the best, so if you've spotted a mistake, we want to know.

Q: Why don't you have an article on <insert console here>?
A: Either we haven't written it yet but are planning to, or haven't written it yet because we don't know about it. In either case, if you've got an article, we'd love to use yours. User submissions are what this site's about!

Q: Fair enough. Finally, what is it with you and that Dreamcast?
A: I love my Dreamcast. *hugs it*