Who are we? Why are we here? Do we like pie?* All this and more might just be answered below.


Oberon - oberon@consoleia.co.uk The bloke who set up this website, as well as being responsible for a fair few of the articles.
Not Jo-Jo Fine - notjojofine@consoleia.co.uk Our resident article writer, know-all and Playstation-lover, also with a taste for the finer things in life. Like Linux.

Yo-yos, Nintendos and venting spleen, plus his legendary coffee-making prowess.

The All-Seeing Eyebrow - thepersonwithnoname@hotmail.com A person who likes his Dreamcast even more than Oberon. Although recently having made the move to the Gamecube...
Azz - themarijuanaman@hotmail.com An X-box fan? On Consoleia? Stranger things have happened. That he happens to be a mighty fine bloke helps.
Etienne: steven_howes@yahoo.com

The self-appointed "person who winds the crank on the server", or our hosting bod. W00t.



* Yes.